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Here is some of my contact info if you have any questions or comments about my blog, Nerf, or contracts for modding guns. 

HvZ forums ( The Last Vulcaneer

Nerf Haven ( TheLastVulcaneer

Nerf Revolution ( TheLastVulcaneer


Youtube: The Last Vulcaneer

There you go! Until next time, farewell!


Week 1 Vol.1

In this issue, I will show you some of my armory photos, and I will give you some news on the Nerf Magnus.


I am extremely happy with my armory, not only because I helped build the building it’s in, but also because I worked to buy or trade every gun in it. So lets take a look at a few photos: 






This is my armory, I have about 40 guns all together in there, including all my swords and snipers that I couldn’t show because of the lighting in there. Next Issue, I will go over a few of my best guns that I have currently, but now unto the Magnus!


The Nerf Magnus is the next gun in the Elite Mega series. This pistol, I have to say, is freaking slugger. It holds three darts in an internal clip, and supposedly throws them up to 85 feet. Here’s a photo of the Magnus:


As you can see this pistol is huge. As with the Mega Centurion, it fires the new Mega darts. As far as I can tell, the bullets are loaded in the top towards the front, and then slid back when you prime the gun. From Estimates made from a German informant, the Magnus will cost 20 U.S. Dollars

Unfortunately, at this point, I see no real practical use for this. I must agree with TheSixthKira on the Humans Vs Zombies Forum when he said, ” I think I’d have to carry one of these things just for the pure ‘awesome’ value of having the closest thing to a Nerf Desert Eagle on my person.” Other than that, you can go out and buy a Stryfe or Stockade, or a whole lot of other blasters that would do you better for that price. 


I will try to post more news next week, but Nerf news has been slow for the last few weeks.

Well, that’s all I have for you for now, until next week, farewell.


Welcome to my new blog! I will try to post at least weekly with some new nerf info for you guys to check out.  I will also try to get you a list of sources that I get my info from so you can get your info straight from the horses mouth. I will also post some war statuses here, and tips and tricks that I find.